Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mobile Marketing For Business success

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing For Business

Is one of the digital marketing tactics which can be used for promotional activity of products and services through cell phones and smartphones.

Let’s discuss how mobile marketing helps for your business.Imagine you're working hard to increase your business sales and you're not able to see enough of the sales happening accordingly.

“You feel unhappy due to the sale results”

For Example, you were expecting 100% of sales for this month and only 25% sales are converted. 
Let’s calculate 25% of sales, which you have received for this month and divide it for the following purpose.

  1. Salary for your Marketing Team and Office staffs
  2. Expenses you have spent for travelling, advertisements etc…
  3. Maintains Expenses
  4. Time and Energy you have spent for improvement of your business     

You might think why I am explaining these points and how you can work less, for more profit?

Mobile Marketing for Business

Why I am explaining these points???

Because you are already on the way to the failure of your business, step by step. Your competitors are running the races with success using digital marketing tactics, which will help them to improve their business. 

Digital Marketing For Business Growth

Mobile Marketing is the easiest way to promote your sales and services. Plus - one of the fastest ways to reach your customers through SMS Marketing before your competitors.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:- 
  1. Quick and Easy way to share details regarding newly launched products
  2. Quick and Easy way to share details regarding Discounts
  3. Quick and Easy way to share details regarding Packages
  4. Quick and Easy way to Drive Traffic to your website
  5. Earn loyalty of your customer by keeping updated regarding your sales and services 

Here is a table which will explain the difference between Mobile Marketing and Digital Marketing.
Instant results

Instant results
Easy to work with
Not Easy to work, should be engaged with updates with Social Media etc…
Convenient to use

Convenient to use only for internet users
Direct marketing

Direct marketing through the Internet
Tracking user response
Tracking user response through comments and forms
Huge viral potential

Huge viral potential
Mass communication made easy
Mass communication through social media where everyone can go through others comments
No Need of the Internet for customers to see SMS
The need of Internet connection for promotion.

Points to Remember:-

  1. Mobile Marketing is one of the simple ways in digital marketing tactics, which can be used as the first step for the promotion of your sales and services.
  2. Mobile Marketing is cost effective.
  3. Also, use a simple and easy method of SMS to promote your sales and services.
  4. Also, keep a list of customers who are interested in your sales and services and update them accordingly.


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