Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What Is Visitor Management System & Why Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management

Visitor Management System & Software

Security has been on the top of priority list of every facility these days. Be it a school, hospital, hotel or corporate tower, the need to administer and monitor visitors is imperative. Though the traditional techniques such as filling in the details in manual entry books existed since a long time, yet they are not completely successful.

Visitor Management Software

While looking for various solutions to minimize security breaches vandalism and threats, in your office or society, Visitor Management system & software has been an unsurpassed solution. Along with providing safety and security, it also avails your visitors with easy and hassle-free check-ins.

What is Visitor Management System?

Visitor management refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor's whereabouts.

Why Visitor Management Software?

Helps you process guests to increase security
Visitor Management systems protect your facilities and employees
Minimize the risks of intruders and workplace violence
Scalable options for facilities of different sizes

Benefits of having Visitor Management System and Software at your facilities

– An accurate list of who is on your premises
– An up-to-date list of visitors which can be accessed quickly in the event of an evacuation
– Reduced staff administration time whilst maintaining a high level of security
– Improved efficiency – visitors can be pre-registered to reduce visitor waiting time
– Improved data accuracy – records all the data you need for your management records

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